Date Smarter eBook 

The purpose of this book for dating is to give you a wider perspective to Date Smarter with more awareness so that you can feel empowered, enjoy the experience, and attract your ideal life partner.

If you are new to dating and especially online dating or have been dating for awhile, this eBook is meant to be insightful and to learn some skills while navigating the ups, downs, the disappointments, and excitement.

Many of my friends have found their forever partner with online dating. It might require a lot of patience…and then there are those who are with the first person they met.

You might kiss many frogs before your Prince/Princess shows up, so enjoy the process.

The most important experiences you will have will be with yourself as well as others through the process is “Choose to” make it a positive experience.

Here is some of the topics:
• Dating for different age groups
• Negotiables and non-negotiables
• Dating rules
• Red flags and scammers
• Surveys on dating situations
• Limiting beliefs and expectations
• Insights
• Personalities
• Awareness, patterns and mapping


I even give you responses for certain situations: Just because someone asks you a direct question does not mean you need to answer it! Women are pleasers. Come prepared with some set responses.  “I don’t want to share that at this time.”

Surveys: what is chemistry, how to say you are not a match, dating younger/older, who should pay when and why, what are older men looking for, what energy are you putting out…and more.

Guaranteed you will become more informed so that you can date with confidence showing your true self.

Just C$9.97