Use the Law Of Attraction And Your Energy to Attract The Love Of Your life!


Singles express disappointment and hopelessness in the dating process. Online dating is frustrating, being one of many prospects, conversations started and then ghosted.

Or when meeting, profiles and the person doesn’t match up, then told you are not a match. It all feels like rejections and hard on your self esteem.

Escape the cycle of dating failures.

Take your power back!

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Is it possible that unconsciously you have walls up restricting you from being open to a new relationship?

I will help you BELIEVE that it is possible to  Open Your Heart And Attract the Love Of your Life

How Eileen Used The Vibrational Attraction Process

I used this method to attract a man into my life after 15 years of being single.
I was yearning for an experience and believing that at my age, that would never happen for me. Old ageism beliefs kept me stuck.
Using the Vibrational Attraction Process, I attracted a relationship using this method.
This man helped me to trust and break down brick walls I didn’t realized that I had up. All along I thought I was open to a relationship and now realize that I had a fear of being hurt again.
He helped me feel desirable…which is what every woman wants.
Although he was not a life partner…he was a life changing partner for a time for me.
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Does this sound like you?

  • I get involved with the wrong person and stay with them too long.
  • I scare away partners I’m really interested in because I felt insecure and overcompensate
  • I obsess too long over dates I enjoyed but never heard back from
  • I drag out dates I’m not interested in to avoid hurting their feelings
  • I am unclear of what I want in a partner and what boundaries I am setting

Repeated “no’s” are very debilitating. Responses and rejections are very hard on our self-esteem. When we internalize these “no’s,” we develop a ‘not good enough’ syndrome that further sabotages our relationships.

Here’s an uncomfortable truth:   The common denominator in all your relationships is YOU!

That means that we must work on ourselves in order to find and attract the perfect partner for us. If we have questions, hesitations, or even outright refusals to find and celebrate our own true value, we will be unable to form deep and meaningful relationships.

The best place to start realizing our own worth is knowing our personality profile. It will help us:

  • Realize why we’re truly worthy of love and the best way for us to receive it
  • Recognize and relate to other personality types
  • Escape patterns of self-sabotage
  • Identify which personality types are most compatible with ours

And most importantly, gain the confidence to choose a partner that will make you the happiest.

Get rid of the confusion and gain clarity of what YOU need in a partner with customized Singles Coaching.

Resonating vibrations are naturally drawn together through the powerful Law Of Attraction.

Like attracts like…positive and negative attracts the same energy.

By aligning your vibration with the feeling essence of what you desire in a love relationship, you will attract someone who reflects and enhances the very aspects of you.

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Imagine Having The Amazing Love You’ve Always Dreamed Of…

    • Imagine creating the vision to clear obstacles so that you can have an amazing, healthy, love-filled relationship
    • This Coaching Program is your roadmap to bring you clarity so you can manifest The Love Of Your Life
    • By the end of the program, you will have had som Big Aha moments that will radically change your perspective on your search for love…and your life!

Clients often tell me: “I need to figure myself out before I get into another relationship….

because I keep making the same mistakes over and over.”

We do that because our patterns are unconscious and repetitive. That’s why we keep getting the same disappointing results. 

  • What if you shifted the process from waiting for someone to respond to you and your profile?
  • What if you figured out some of your past patterns so you could change them?
  • What if you felt more empowered to attract the ideal partner for you?

In doing that, you might create a life where you thrive until your ideal partner shows up. Book A Call


In your Coaching Program and using the Vibrational Attracion Process, I teach you these concepts:

    • Setting intentions, soulmates, yearning mediation, heart opening meditation, life lessons
    • Level of Vibrational attraction…low energies that restrict to higher vibrations for manifesting
    • Law Of Attraction, Vibrational Energy Levels For Manifesting principles
    • Envision your love map, ideal partner and your whole life
    • Identify and release limiting beliefs, fears, clearing energy from previous relationships
    • Pattern tracking: who you are attracted to, most compatible with, and why
    • Explore your personality traits, patterns, natural instincts
    • Steps for successful dating and your ideal partner

And most importantly, when you understand your value and what you bring to relationship so that you can open your heart to a new partner again.


If you continue to stay STUCK…you are missing opportunities to meet the Love Of Your Life!

Get Ready To Banish The Frustrating Process Of Looking For Love!

Let’s discover the true hidden blocks and bring you to awareness of how your patterns might be stopping you from attracting your ideal partner.

This Coaching Program is absolutely unique to move you on your Journey To Thriving and Attracting The Love Of Your Life!



This testimonial by Fleur is from when I offered a 6 week program using the concepts above.


Eileen Head has been called The Relationship Whisperer.

She is a Transformational Mindset, Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master.

She assists Singles to attract The Love Of Their Life, Couples to navigate relationships with more consciousness and awareness so that can take their love deeper, and individuals to become the Best Person They Can Be.

Couples and Singles, men and women hire Eileen to find or reconnect to deeply intimate, meaningful relationships…because at times…most people feel stuck, trapped, and powerless, to change the situation they are in. It is unconscious patterns that sabotage relationships.

Eileen helps you to shift your mindset, release old beliefs, blocks and patterns, and interprets your personality traits so that you can Get The Love You Desire.