Should I Stay Or Should I Go Coaching Program?

If you are STUCK in the INDECISION of whether it’s possible to put your relationship back together or if it’s time to leave…

and you are SERIOUS about finding the ANSWERS…this program will move you forward.


Whatever your decision Taking Action Moves You Forward.

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Let Me Be Very Clear: 

Relationships are very complicated and patterns develop that become unconscious. Many of these are patterns that sabotage what feels loving to each of you in your couple dynamics. 

This program can be used to improve and create a deeper, connected, loving relationship

It can be an assessment of WHERE you are stuck, WHY and HOW to change the situation. You can only do this by taking action. The most effective way is to do your own internal work.

There is no Magic Wand you can use that will “instantly fix” the relationship without digging in and doing the work.  And quite possibly it might need to be YOU who does the heavy lifting, at least in the beginning. 

Clients receive their personality profiles as a basis for what each of you needs to feel loved, how you act, react, think, and feel and in a very short you have a deep understanding of yourself and your partner . It is like receiving an Operators Manual for each of you!

The key to finding true happiness is to understand yourself to the depth of your being of “Who am I” and what YOU need to find true happiness. Only then can you create a deep, connected, loving relationship with someone else. 

It takes courage and it takes commitment.  But it will be worth it, no matter what the outcome!

So let’s start with some questions by asking yourself:

  • Are you struggling, confused, and frustrated?

  • Do you feel invaluable, invisible, disconnected?

  • Are you chronically unhappy and feel powerless to change your relationship?

  •  Maybe you love them but you are not “in love” with them anymore. You have been unhappy for a long time.

Do any of these rings true for you?

What happened to the dreams you had together, sharing your life? Remember in the beginning when you had so much fun together?  You seemed to get along so well, had so much in common,  and now you fear your differences are going to break you apart.

Divorce does not solve all your problems.

You might feel trapped and believe that leaving your partner will give you freedom and independence. However, if you have children together, this partner will be in your life forever through shared custody, marriages, grandchildren, birthdays, etc.

But what are the options? Stay in a loveless marriage?

What if there was a way to possiblyrejuvenate your relationship or get clarity on whether it is time to stop pushing the boulder up the mountain and to leave.

Give Me 90 Days before you make any kind of decision. Learn More

What You Get:

In this coaching program, I am going to work with you to do everything we can to reengage your partner to reconnect and reignite the relationship.  And once engaged, they are welcome to join the program, if you choose. 

You will get very specific information on your personalities, differences, similarities, couple dynamics, how to love and respond to each other, as well as relationship tools.

       I will take you through a Process so at the end of 90 Days you will have clarity in making one of three decisions:

  • You are going to stay as you are excited about the re-connection with your partner and what the future brings together. You are going to be learning personality relationship skills to love deeper to create more juice and happiness.
  •  You are not ready to leave and choose to stay, at least for now and will be working on yourself and what you need to do Your Inner Work of learning your fundamental core emotional need to feel loved and creating happiness within  yourself.
  •  You feel the relationship is unsalvageable and feel clear about your decision to leave after having explored all the  options and consequences. Book Your Call

Consciously Choosing To Make A Decision…

doesn’t matter which decision…Is Very Powerful

It is a step forward in taking Response-ability to create the Life You Desire

It changes your vibration,  attitude and moves you into ACTION which creates the CHANGE and SHIFTS EVERYTHING!

I had one client who came to me to work on herself. After a few sessions she said:

“You won’t believe my husband. He is mirroring everything I am doing now and he is speaking up.

He is so much more excited about life. It is like he is a new man and we have so more excitement in our marriage.


Whatever your decision….To Stay Or Go, …I will be there to support you to:

  • Learn new skills of speaking up, being an independent and healthier person in your relationship

  • Figure out what’s really going on between you two and how to change patterns

  • Do the Inner Work of Transforming to Become Your Best Self and creating happiness within yourself

  • Clearly knowing How To Get Loved The Way You Need…how to give and receive love.

AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO GO, I will help you to…

release your anger, disappointment, frustration, lonliness and to reagain your confidence, self worth and THRIVE.


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Do You Need Your Partner To Participate? 

No! At least not initially…and they are often resistant to it. It would be awesome if they are willing but depends on how far the relationship has disintegrated.  

However, in the program I give you both of your personality programs from the “Get Loved Online Relationship Program” so you very quickly have very specific information.

And also tips for engaging your partner: “I am learning this about myself that I never knew before. Have you seen this in me?”  Your partner can see you claiming responsibility, embracing, and changing your behavior.  We become very resistant when we feel our partner thinks it is all our fault. 

Or “I want to understand you better. Tell me if this is true about how you feel sometimes.”

They will see changes in you becoming happier and more empowered very quickly. And possibly with less frustration and judgment for them as well. 

And because you are recognizing it is both your patterns, your partner will feel instead of “fixing them” you are owning your part.

Pressuring them “what are you feeling” which they generally have no idea or how to express…is very frustrating  to them. Having specific information about their own personality will help identify, understand, and engage with them.

You will see your partner in a new light and will bring more dimensions to your relationship…if you allow yourself to move from being right to being happy. 

And if you choose to leave…you will do so by understanding your patterns that might have sabotaged this relationship so you don’t take them with you into the next relationship.  It is also important to look at every consequence and possibility so you can leave with no regrets and no guilt.

It is absolutely critical that you identify your part so that you can understand and forgive yourself, and hopefully over time understand and forgive your partner. 

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Eileen Head has been called The Relationship Whisperer.

She is a Transformational Mindset, Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master.

She assists Singles to attract The Love Of Their Life, Couples to navigate relationships with more consciousness and awareness so that can take their love deeper, and individuals to become the Best Person They Can Be.

Couples and Singles, men and women hire Eileen to find or reconnect to deeply intimate, meaningful relationships…because at times…most people feel stuck, trapped, and powerless, to change the situation they are in. It is unconscious patterns that sabotage relationships.

Eileen helps you to shift your mindset, release old beliefs, blocks and patterns, and interprets your personality traits so that you can Get The Love You Desire.