Does this sound like you?

  • I get involved with the wrong person and stay with them too long.
  • I scare away partners I’m really interested in because I felt insecure and overcompensate
  • I obsess too long over dates I enjoyed but never heard back from
  • I drag out dates I’m not interested in to avoid hurting their feelings
  • I am unclear of what I want in a partner and what boundaries I am setting

Repeated “no’s” are very debilitating. Responses and rejections are very hard on our self-esteem. When we internalize these “no’s,” we develop a ‘not good enough’ syndrome that further sabotages our relationships.

Here’s an uncomfortable truth:   The common denominator in all your relationships is YOU!

That means that we must work on ourselves in order to find and attract the perfect partner for us. If we have questions, hesitations, or even outright refusals to find and celebrate our own true value, we will be unable to form deep and meaningful relationships.

The best place to start realizing our own worth is knowing our personality profile. It will help us:

  • Realize why we’re truly worthy of love and the best way for us to receive it
  • Recognize and relate to other personality types
  • Escape patterns of self-sabotage
  • Identify which personality types are most compatible with ours

And most importantly, gain the confidence to choose a partner that will make you the happiest.

Get rid of the confusion and gain clarity of what YOU need in a partner with customized Singles Coaching.


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