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There are nine unique personality types according to the Enneagram (any-a-gram).

The Enneagram is a world renowned, well respected model that has scientific data about personality patterns.

Learn which one you are and how you can use that information to form deeper relationships, connect more easily with others, and identify your own unique gifts and talents.

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Coaching Programs

Couples hire me to live a juicier life and get loved the way they need…because at times…most couples feel trapped, powerless, and unloved. I help them re-engage, re-connect, and rejuvenate their relationship. Couple Dynamics Coaching

Singles hire me to attract the love of their life and identify their unique relationship gifts…because they can sabotage possibilities, feel insecure, and be unclear of their ideal mate.

I help them identify what makes them a good partner, avoid dating mistakes and become confident to date smarter.

Do you feel stuck, trapped, and powerless? Stay or Go Coaching

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In order to Get Loved The Way You Need…you need to do your inner work in order to transform to Become The Person You Are Meant To Be



Do you sometimes feel Trapped, Stuck, and Powerless In Your Relationship?

The TRUTH is most couples… at  times… feel this way.

Do You Even Know What You Need To Feel Loved….Most People Don’t!

The Get Loved The Way You Need Video Program is a simple to use, step by step process that shines a light on WHY you may be struggling to Get Loved The Way You Need.

The information and techniques provided in this program are Guaranteed to help you discover YOUR unique gifts that you bring to relationships, negative patterns, and what you are unaware of that is preventing you from Getting You The Love You Need..

You will know how to be seen, heard, valued,  and loved in ALL your relationships.


Singles Guide & Compatibility Index


Tired of wasting your time with energy sucking dating duds?  Getting your heart broken, and continually picking the wrong type. Having difficulty trusting again?

Relationships start out great, but then don’t work out? Why is that? You seem so good together in the beginning and then it gets confusing and you both end up seeming so different and disappointed.

Get insights!


Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?

Eileen is an international best selling author.

In this book she shares the steps she took to break free of the confusion, frustration and resentments in relationships.

A journey to discover how it’s possible to create healthy and happy relationships through personalities, by discovering your own unique personality.

That there are powerful tools available to help you find answers and solutions to your challenging relationships, personally and professionally.
Inspiration if you are feeling less than or powerless, lost and alone in your relationship.
And that each personality type has their own “personality loving language”


 Personality Traits Session

You just need to understand yourself and the other 8 personalities.

When you purchase your Personality Reading you will get a clearer picture of “Who Am I”,  and how to Get The Love & Life You Need To Be Happy.

Couple Dynamics Reading

  • Personality similarities, relationship gifts, trigger points, how to solve them, and connect much deeper.

Singles Reading

  • What makes you a great partner, patterns that might be sabotaging you, and how to Date Smarter.

Most importantly, how to Become Your Best Self and Get the Life And Love You Desire

A clearer perception of your personality traits leads to confidence, self-acceptance, raised self-esteem and greater ability to thrive in your life.

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Your Career

Do You Know Your Career Currency

When everyone has common knowledge of what each personality type contributes, their leadership and co-worker style, what is important to them, the value each person  brings, and how to effectively communicate with each other…you will build a culture where everyone is respected and feels worthwhile.

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