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How much longer are you willing to settle for “Just Okay” when you could be living a life of more fun and adventure…even in your challenges!

Feeling stuck and unfulfilled, living a life that’s “Just Okay” instead of one filled with fun, adventure, and excitement.

Struggling with old limiting beliefs and patterns that sabotage success; feeling powerless and trapped in monotony.

The frustration and disappointment of not living the envisioned dream life, leading to a sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment.

Lack of awareness and understanding of how to consciously create happiness and attract desired experiences using the Law of Attraction.

It’s time to manifest your dreams and Thrive!


This program is for individuals who want to lead a more conscious life in order to enable the Law Of Attraction and Manifest To Live Their Best Life

This program will bring your manifestations to you much quicker.

This is a Unique Program where you can learn the Secrets To Creating and Manifesting Your Best Life!

I will teach you how I have come to Thrive

And you can too no matter what your relationship status or situation is!

Learn advanced techniques to shift your vibrational energy into manifesting Your Best Life!

If you are not living the life you had envisioned for yourself…why not?

It might be that you just don’t know how to get yourself out of old limiting beliefs and patterns that are sabotaging you.

What I have learned in 25 years of being an energy healer is we are unaware of how we create our own unhappiness…therefore, we stay stuck, trapped and powerless. 

Most are unaware that YOU can actually attract to you the experiences you have dreamed of. 

I have manifested many things including spending my winters in Mexico on the beach 🏖️ when at first I thought I would not have the finances or anyone to go with to make that happen.

It took me years and years to learn the concepts in this Program  where I now feel powerful and have created a life where I THRIVE!

One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes…Make Sure It’s Worth Watching

Each Step You Take Creates The Outcome Of Your Life!

Have you thought about that? That every step takes you towards your dreams…or keeps you stuck in the sand. 

Do you just keep plodding along and hoping your life will change?

What I have learned is that we create our lives day by day with the choices we make…or don’t make. If we are not consciously making choices…life decides for us. 


Has life become humdrum, monotonous, and mundane?  What happened to the dreams you used to have?

We are going to dive deep into the true, hidden blocks to bring you awareness of how your patterns have been sabotaging you…and how exciting it can be release the fears and restrictions to allowing life to bring you more fun and adventures.

Imagine in a year’s time and you are living a life you love to live! 

Here’s what you will experience:

This is a 4 week online interactive program where you will experience new perspetives, new awareness and consciousness, and tools and skills to attract to you and manifest your dreams in your life.

T h e  P r o g r a m:

You be will guided through a Process of Self-Discovery so that you use the Laws Of Attraction to Manifest Your Best Life.

Unlock Your True Potential and Harness Your Power 

✔️What is the science and fundamentals of manifestingmany people believe the art of manifesting is to attract to you…true manifesting comes from within you, from the inside out…at the level of energy you are currently at

✔️Creating a powerful vision that aligns with your dreams and soul…everything is created twice…first in your mind and then in reality…not the HOW…through feeling the energy of the experience you would like to have

✔️Learning the alchemy of vibrational energy…we are always transmitting just like radio signals. Oprah says “In order to attract to you…you must be a the vibrational frequency to attract what it is that you desire.” Your energy must be a match what you desire.

✔️Becoming conscious:  Making choices, identifying sabotaging patterns, moving through life lessons, releasing  judgement, forgiveness, compassion…and more

✔️Release self sabotaging patterns and healing old traumas and woundswe can easily be triggered back to feelings of being a victim, creating dramas to get our needs met…in a negative way…causing more low vibration energy. We have been programmed to the fear and negative that keeps us at a low vibrational level. Overcome limitations

✔️Clear and raise your vibrational energy to fire the law of attraction energiesskills to create the consciousness and mindset to form new positive vibrational patterns

✔️Law Of Attraction: How it actually works. True Manifesting comes from the inside out and affects your vibrational level.

✔️Manifesting Processes: Creating your Manifestation Vision Statement for a bucket list vacation, a dream career, deeper love relationship or attracting your ideal partner

✔️Spiritual Concepts & Messages Marilyn Young will be offering intuitive insights in response to participants’ questions.

If you are ready to say “YES” to your dreams than join us for 4 weeks  creating your vision and manifesting a life with more love, happiness, abundance and fulfillment. 

We get in life what we choose to be…Transform Your Life Experience!


We spend a lot of time trying to figure out the “how” when what we really need to do is become really, really clear to create the vision.

And then clear ourselves from the hurts, wounds and negative behaviors that sabotage us…to raise our vibration in order to fire the Law Of Attraction.

Let me show you how!


TUESDAYS, March 5 – 26, 2024  7:00-8:00 pm MST

One Low Cost Of – $397   $47 CAD (Introductary Offer)

(payment plan available)


EARLY BIRD OFFERS BEFORE February 28 (Limited Number)

EARLY BIRD OFFER #1: Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personality Relationship Reading and 25 page Profile

EARLY BIRD OFFER #2:  30 min Angel Card Reading provided by Marilyn Young

As your mentor I can fast track your manifesting

We don’t get what we want….we get what we do! 

Welcome to the 4 Week Online Program!

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Eileen has learned to Thrive and Live Her Best Life!

Eileen Head has been called The Relationship Whisperer. She is a Live Your Best Life Mentor, Intuitive, Transformational Life and Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, Hypnotherapist, Hoʻoponopono practisioner and Reiki Master.

Mentoring you to raise your energetic vibration allows you to manifest a more positive life by shifting your mindset, perspective and energy.

Whether you are looking to deepen your relationship, attract your ideal partner or transition out of relationship, she teaches you how to release blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns that are sabotaging you.


Joining me is Marilyn Young

Marilyn is an Empath, Intuitive Counsellor, Angel Card Reader, Certified Angel Numerologist, and Energetic Healer. As a gifted intuitive, she will assist you in finding your inner strength to conquer your unique life challenges and to begin creating the life you long for.

She is honoured to help you discover the wisdom and healing that Spirit has for your mind, body, and soul to propel you forward on your journey. Learn more about Marilyn at https://www.soul-messages.ca/


❤️ If you know someone who is struggling in life and is open to learning how to raise their vibrational energy
so that they can manifest, please share this workshop with them.  With love ❤️


💗***I met Eileen recently, for the first time & felt instantly connected! I think it was likely the fact that her genuine, heart-centered, and very down-to-earth approach to life, and the people she interacts with can be FELT palpably.

I later attended the Live Your Best Life  workshop of hers that brought the manifestation concepts to life for me, in a way that had only been ‘stuck’ in that concept stage, up until that moment! Eileen has a very practical way of transforming the WooWoo into WOO -Hoo, that I very much appreciate! And now that she’s introduced me to her world of the Enneagram, I’m hooked in a way like I’ve never been before, and truly believe in myself, and more importantly … in what’s possible!

Thank you Eileen – you are a conduit of REAL-world magic, and my life is enriched beyond measure, for having met you. ~Tracey Bruce-Thomson



💗**I highly recommend joining in on Eileen’s workshops! She is such a talented and passionate woman who loves sharing her wisdom on the topic of Manifesting Your Dream Life and The Laws of Attraction. When she invited me to join her workshop, I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. In the beautiful setting of Canmore surrounded by our beautiful Rockies, I learned so many tips and ideas. It was only 2 weeks later I learned I was approved for my house.

A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU EILEEN!!!! For opening my mind again to endless possibilities and for a very fun filled day with caring and genuine ladies! 💗 ~Donna Power