In a Relationship

Open Your Heart To Loving Through Your Differences 

Embrace Your  Personality Couple Dynamics

I interpret and translate your personality traits together.

Couples hire me to live a Happier Life and Get Loved The Way They Need…because the truth is…at times most couples feel trapped, powerless, and unloved.

Couples have piled up hurts, resentments and you may have lost trust with your partner in your current or past relationship(s) causing you to close down your heart.

This program is about learning how to open your heart again, so that you can get the love and life you desire.

Learning new loving skills and how to love and be loving … so that you can be the person who is actively loving, not backing away from it.

I help you re-engage, re-connect, and rejuvenate your relationship.

Does this sound like you?

  • I go to bed at night wondering if my partner really loves me
  • I am tired of the little voice in my head whispering “you’re not good enough, you’re not valuable, you don’t deserve love?”
  • I feel like my partner doesn’t understand what I really need
  • I am sick of having the same old arguments over and over again
  • I am afraid the differences with my partner are going to break us apart?

This happens when you don’t understand personality types.

The biggest challenge in ALL relationship dynamics is your personality differences. 

Each of the 9 Enneagam personalities has their own way of seeing the world, their own attitudes and ways of thinking, reacting and behaving.

In a survey I did with couples I asked three questions relating to personality differences:

Challenges:  How do we deal with our personality differences that cause us stress and conflict. 

Frustrations: We don’t know what to do with our differences and keep having the same fights over and over again.  Each feels misunderstood and unappreciated for their differences.

Greatest FEAR: That our differences are going to break us apart if we don’t know how to resolve them. 

It is your personality differences that creates the confusion, disconnection and frustration. 

GREAT NEWS! Learning your personality couple dynnamics and how to deal with your different personality traits, perspectives, values and what is important to you can reconnect you with your partner and take your love deeper.

Rather than attempting to get your partner to share their deepest feelings…which they don’t know how to do and makes them really uncomfortable or they would already be doing that…. you relate through your natural personality traits and patterns. It is like having an Operator’s Manual to understanding each other.

This is a very positive and FUN way to shift dynamics.  My coaching is very specific and can get fast results!


In a this very short period of time and with the information in the profiles I guarantee there will be a noticeable difference in your relationship.

Identify the key dynamics that determines successful relationships

1. Awareness to meet each other’s core emotional needs

2. Be Giving– both needs matter

3. Understanding  & communicating and responding to each other’s needs

4. Identify and manage your own patterns that may be sabotaging the relationship

Each of you has different fundamental emotional needs to feel loved. Often we have no idea what those are for ourselves let alone sharing or understanding your partners needs until you learn your personality “wiring”.

Learn your personality loving style and your relationship connection equation. 

Make your relationship better, stronger, more dynamic.

I left a 35 year marriage because I couldn’t figure us out. We were two great people, same values, same goals and yet just not a connection…or the connnection I needed to feel loved. I have discovered that I did not know what that was for myself so how could my husband give that to me. Through that experience I found the Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities and it has transformed my life and All my relationships. I have found happiness within myself  and  To Thrive and Live My Best Life.

    When you DO understand personality types…

    • You’ll become aware of the unconscious patterns that are sabotaging your life and what to do about them
    • You’ll know how to feel empowered in communicating your needs and wants
    • You’ll be able to create clear agreements and expectations so you can resolve issues quickly and permanently
    • You’ll gain a deeper understanding for and appreciation for yourself and what makes you valuable and worthy of love
    • You’ll form better and more intimate relationships because you’ll know how to authentically represent yourself and what you truly need

    When you understand your partner’s personality type…

    • You’ll know why some things seem so obvious to you and not to your partner
    • You’ll see what matters to your partner, what matters to you, and how to bridge that gap
    • You’ll know how to understand, relate and resolve your personality differences
    • You’ll see the most important thing; how to connect, support, and love each other deeply

    It is essential to discover your telationship style so you can

    Be, Find, and Reconnect To Get Loved The Way You Need.

    If you want your life to change….it’s time to take action!

    Get Started On Your Reconnection Journey Now!

    Learn About Your Personality Couple Dynamics


    My husband and I have been together for 30 years (24 married) and with our eldest child heading off to University in the Fall we realized that it won’t be long until we enter a new phase of our lives together.

    I’m a voracious learner, and always keen to explore self-development, so when I saw Eileen’s Couples Dynamics Session, I jumped at the chance to learn more!

    My husband and I wanted to learn more about our personalities and innate “programming” so that we can continue to have a healthy and loving relationship once the kids leave home and our family dynamic shifts.

    Eileen had us each complete the Enneagram questionnaire which identified our “type”. My husband is a classic Achiever and I am a textbook case of the Peacekeeper. At first glance, it seemed like these are polar-opposites, but Eileen explained that it’s actually a powerful pairing.

    She explained each type’s strengths and challenges and how we can identify these in our behaviours. She also explained what’s similar and what’s different and what each type brings to the relationship.

    Most importantly, she shared the development path for each type which uncovered realizations about ourselves, and practices that we can do to improve the relationship.

    This session was super eye-opening and showed us where conflict can occur and how to mitigate that, as well as how to better understand each other so that we can see WHY certain behaviours are happening.

    The Couples Dynamics Session has really helped us to have a better appreciation of each other and given us areas to work on to strengthen our relationship going forward.

    I would highly recommend Eileen’s Couples Dynamics session to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of themselves, and their partner, and to those who want to take the next step into inner transformation.

    Ramona Remesat, Intuitive Guidance Coach