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Clients say:

“It feels so incredible to finally be understood!”

Take the 9 Paragraph Personality Test and get “freakishly accurate” descriptions 
  • Gives deep insights into 9 fundamentally different personalities, each with their own way of seeing the world, their own perspectives, ways of thinking, reacting and behaving…and  most importantly how each types feels emotionally loved.
  • Recognize patterns that are sabotaging you and how to change them
  • Understanding the 9 types helps us to make sense of our lives and relationships.
  • Shows us the “Path Of Development” to Become Our Best Selves and create deep connected, loving relationships
  • Learn More About Enneagrams (any-a-grams)



The Enneagram is for any individual who would like to live life with more consciousness, connection and personal power.
Unsolicited TESTIMONIAL for the Enneagram Relationship Program.
Do you want the marriage/relationship, that you had glimpses of, but can’t sustain?
If you and your mate have a mutual heart felt desire/commitment to achieve a relationship that is within your grasp, this fast evolving program is for you.
Immediately you will inventory your personality bank. From there, with therapeutic coaching (Eileen Head), you and your mate will discover why you are relating the way you are.
Each step is not always comfortable. You can’t have the rainbow without the rain.
As you round second base you will have an advent of being the partner you want to be, and likewise for your mate. The recipe for lifelong change gained from each probative step provides a roadmap for happiness that is a dream come true.
Sound impossible? It’s not. This is an intensive program if you immerse yourselves for as little as 10 days and you can have the long-sought relationship you always dreamed of.
It worked for us along with a constant dose of prayer. Each of us discovered characteristics about ourselves; but the undeniable gain is to eliminate the old, negative mannerisms, and then convey them as the new norm of communication.
Remember, all spouses have gifts. Some just open those gifts a little later.


Van & Jo Eve Ellig, Minnesota





Life begins to make sense and you will experience

a sense of control over your life and relationships.

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*** The Test Is Only 9 Descriptive Paragraphs***

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