The Enneagram Personalities

The purpose of The Enneagram is to bring fundamental, life-changing, and enlightening information based on a system of personality patterns, which is one of the most powerful tools available for self-awareness and mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

When we free ourselves from the confines of our personality pattern, the prison of our current mindset, our lives and relationships can truly flourish.

I believe it’s truly the MOST PROFOUND tool I’ve ever come across in my 50+ years as a doctor, therapist, professor, lecturer, teacher and author to help people find, build, and sustain amazing, loving, intimate and fulfilling relationships.” Dr. David Daniels, Past Direct of Psychology at Stanford University.

The Enneagram (any-a-gram)  Personality System

Your Operators Manual and Powerful Tool for Successful Relationships

The Enneagram (any-a-gram) is your Operator’s Manual for each of the nine personality types showing you what to expect from each style. Each personality type has identifiable behavior and predictable patterns.

Knowing your personality structure will give you a clear picture of “Who Am I”, and your value in the world. A clearer perception leads to confidence and courage, and this opens the door to enthusiasm and empowerment.  You can expect new energy, a new outlook, and a new set of tools that you can use in the everyday world. 

The word Enneagram (any-a-gram) comprises of the Greek word  “Ennea” meaning nine and “gram” meaning graph.  The circle is an ancient and universal symbol of unity and wholeness.

Even though you may never have heard of it before, this personality system has been changing lives since the 1700’s. It is a well respected and world renowned system used both personally and professionally to enhance life experiences.

Learning your personality type perspective will transform the way you feel about yourself and will assist you to become the very best version of yourself.

What Is This Enneagram Anyway?

The Enneagram is an ancient body of wisdom that holds the key to unlocking true understanding of the depth of our being and other people, in a kind and compassionate way. It simplifies our lives by helping us understand why we do what we do.

The Enneagram is an awareness map of consciousness that illuminates the nine ways of being in the world, and gives deep insight into nine fundamentally different personality perspectives, each with their own way of seeing the world, their own attitudes and ways of thinking, reacting and behaving.

And most importantly…how each types feels emotionally loved. Until you understand that for yourself and your partner you may struggle. With this knowledge you will be able to connect and love at a deeper level.

When we understand the 9 personality perspectives, the patterns of our lives finally make sense, we experience profound self-acceptance and clarity of purpose, and discover how to live through positivity and find lasting personal fulfillment. 

What Will It Do?

The Enneagram is an Operator’s Manual for each of the nine personality types revealing to you what you can expect from each personality. With the insights that you can gain from The Enneagram, you can equip yourself with skills and tools to bring profound changes within yourself to bring you into balance and gives you the ability to empower yourself to resolve conflict and create harmony.

It provides a clear understanding of our natural talents and gifts to the world, resulting in a rapid increase in self-acceptance, raised self-esteem and greater ability to find new purpose and fulfillment.

Our self-defeating patterns of thought and reaction finally make sense. As you become more conscious, you will begin to see how we keep repeating these same patterns, and, more importantly, you will discover how to change them.  It explains why some relationships flourish while others flounder and equips us with the knowledge of how to improve them all.

The Enneagram is the Operators manual and tool kit to help you break “Out of the Box” of your personality.

Why Would I Choose To Use This Tool?  

Knowing whether you are Peace Seeker, Optimister, etc is not the purpose of learning The Enneagram. The purpose is to empower yourself to understand your value and worth and how from your unique personality equation, you can find your passion and purpose to make a difference.

Figure Out What Makes People Tick

–  Solve relationship mysteries

–  Resolve conflict and confusing interactions

 -Recognize the identifiable and predictable behaviors of the 9 types

–  Figure out what makes you and others’ tick

Read People and Situations

–  Read people and situations to impact the outcome in a more positive way

–  Handle difficult people, personally and professionally

–  Manage yourself more effectively

Recognize and Predict 

–  Implement solutions to situations

–  Learn the 9 Personality Loving Styles

–  Why you are triggered and why

–  Your strengths, challenges, communication styles and growth path

Tools For Better Connection

–  Learn your loving personality equation and how to communicate it

–  Support your partner’s growth

–  Attract the personality most compatible with you

–  Create loving and profound relationships