This is a Unique Program where you can learn the Secrets To Creating A Thriving Life!

I will teach you how I have come to Thrive…and You can too no matter what your relationship status is!

Discover what is special about you, the gifts you bring to the world,  your passions and maybe even your Purpose

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There can be…sooo much more for you…if you choose to open your mind to Transformation and Shifting Mindset

You may be halfway through life…is it how you had envisioned it to be?

  • Imagine having the amazing Love you’ve always dreamed of
  • Imagine clearing all the hurts, wounds and stuff that has been holding you back
  • Imagine creating the vision to clear obstacles so that you can have a life of FUN and adventure

This Unique Coaching Progam is your road map to bring YOU clarity so you can manifest The Life You Desire

So let’s start with some questions by asking yourself:

  • Has life become humdrum, monotonous, and mundane?
  • What happened to the dreams you used to have?
  • Do you read romance novels and believe that can never happen to you?
  • You love your partner, but you are no longer feel “in love” with them?
  • Or if single, have you given up finding your ideal partner

Do any of these rings true for you?

We are going to dive deep into the true, hidden blocks to bring you awareness of how your patterns have been sabotaging you…and how exciting it can be to grow and feel empowered.

 Let me assist you in Transforming Your Life 

Consciously Choosing To Make A Decision…

Is Very Powerful

It is a step forward in taking Response-ability to create the Life You Desire

It changes your vibration,  attitude and moves you into ACTION which creates the CHANGE and SHIFTS EVERYTHING!

Benefits To Transform Your Life:

You will guided through a Process of Self-Discovery so that you feel Empowered to Consciously Create a Life You Have Desired.

We will use these tools:

The Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personalities: You will discover what is unique about you…what is your special super powers and what people really value about you.

Learn very specific information about your personality…how you think, feel, act, react, triggers and traps, what you need from a partner and they from you, your intimate partner style, and all of your patterns so you can become your best self…as well as your core emotional need for you to feel loved.

This is the foundation for understanding yourself to the depth of your being, freeing you from patterns that have been sabotaging you. Learning your partner’s personality will take your love deeper. And if single, will help you to clarify a partner who is most compatible for you.

Scripts and Relationship Tools to engage a new partner or re-engage your current partner in a loving and rewardinding way

Create a new Vision Board and Vision Statements so that  you can dream new dreams…what would you Love to experience

Spiritual Concepts, Law Of Attraction, Manifesting, Vibrational Energy

Healing Modalities to clear emotional blocks, wounds, hurts from the past and old relationships, identify and release unconscious limiting beliefs and fears

Pattern Tracking that have kept you stuck with lack and scarity mindsets

History of Childhood how it impacts you, healing and releasing

Meditations to open your heart to experience more love and joy

And so much more….

In this small group, you will benefit from everyone’s experience, their support, and unique coaching

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This will be a 3 Month Journey to:
  • Release and heal the past, discover your true value and worth
  • Open your heart to more loving relationships
  • Create new perspectives and possiblities to envision new dreams
  • And put into practise these new concepts and tools to

Create The Life You Desire!

And I will be there, every step of the way to support you and cheer you on

This program is starting  S O O N (mid January)

and the Group Is  L i m i t e d!

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Make this coming year a new beginning and a happier YOU

Eileen Head has been called The Relationship Whisperer.

She is a Transformational Mindset, Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master.

She assists Singles to attract The Love Of Their Life, Couples to navigate relationships with more consciousness and awareness so that can take their love deeper, and individuals to become the Best Person They Can Be.

Couples and Singles, men and women hire Eileen to find or reconnect to deeply intimate, meaningful relationships…because at times…most people feel stuck, trapped, and powerless, to change the situation they are in. It is unconscious patterns that sabotage relationships.

Eileen helps you to shift your mindset, release old beliefs, blocks and patterns, and interprets your personality traits so that you can Get The Love You Desire.