9-Peace Seeker

Peace Seekers came to believe that in order to be loved they needed to blend in and go along to get along. Peace Seekers seek harmony, are comfortable and steady.  They can also be self-forgetting, conflict-avoidant stubborn and passive-aggressive.

Think: Kevin Costner, Sandra Bullock, Renee Zellwegger, Jennifer Anniston, Morgan Freeman,President Obahma, The Dalai Lama

Peace Seekers merge with others’ agendas, plans, values and ideas eventually losing sight of their own preferences. Nines willingly sacrifice their own opinions to keep peace and harmony. Peace Seekers suppress or deny their own needs, wants, dreams, desires, ambitions, and genuine emotions for the sake of everyone else. They choose to be agreeable, peaceful, natural and comfortable so they can stay calm.

Socially Peace Seekers can get along with most people. They are accepting, laid back, humble, easy going, approachable making others feel comfortable and at ease. They are able to see all points of view, empathize and accept others. Being calm and steady they are able to diffuse conflict.

Professionally create a structured and harmonious work environment. They are patient, diplomatic, sees the big picture with attention to details. They are easygoing, consistent, inclusive and collaborative. They develop lasting relationships.

Unhealthy Peace Seekers become distracted and unfocused using sleep, food, sex, drugs or television to distract themselves. Nines resort to passive aggressive behavior, slowing everything down, lets others lead, gets side tracked, doesn’t pay attention to own agenda or needs, merges with others, challenged with making decisions and procrastination.

Healthy Peace Seekersfocuses on harmony, avoids conflict, sees all points of view, likes routines, natural negotiator, laid back, mellow,  rarely angry and doesn’t show it when angry, isn’t pushy or threatening when getting things done, likable, nice, pleasing personality.

There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality: how much growth you have had, wings (personalities on either side of your home type), your stress patterns.

Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself…but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need.