Asserters believe they must be strong and powerful to assure protection in a tough world. Eights seek justice, are direct and action-oriented. They can also be overly assertive, excessive and dominating. 

Think: Dr. Phil McGraw, Donald Trump, Barbara Walters, Kevin O’Leary, Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Sarandon, Simon Cowell

Asserters are charismatic, confident and have a take-charge, no nonsense, can do attitude. They easily make decisions, are independent, decisive and resourceful. They are fair-minded, protective and powerful.

Eights love challenges and have the ability to face, endure and overcome adversity. Their large energetic presence and assertive stance can intimidate others. They believe that being true to them self means that they say what they mean and mean what they say. Asserters stand up for their beliefs and perceive backing down as a sign of weakness – even though at times doing so may be common sense and in their own best interest.

Socially Asserters have a lust for life and want to experience everything to the fullest. There is never ‘too much of a good thing.’ They are power houses and have a large appetite for life and all that it has to offer. Underneath their tough exterior is a gentle, playful, childlike innocence. Eights are very protective of their family and friends and will go without so that others have what they need.

Professionally they are great leaders moving the organization ahead by being decisive, empowering, competent to manage and take action. They make things happen, are confident, direct, highly strategic, overcomes obstacles, energetic, proves project forward and supports other’s success.

Unhealthy Asserters use their energy for revenge and to seek justice. They protect their vulnerability with a suit of armor, thinking in black and white, them against us. Being vulnerable feels wimpy, pressures people to see how they will respond, tells it like it is without monitoring impact of directness, sometimes offends without meaning to, uses their will to accomplish. 

Healthy Asserters focuses on strength and being strong, takes matters into own hands to get things done,  natural leader, wants people to be straight, honest, high integrity, likes action and results, protector of the weak, people can count on them.

There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality: how much growth you have had, wings (personalities on either side of your home type), your stress patterns.

Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself…but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need.