Contemplators came to believe they must protect themselves from the world which demands too much and gives too little to assure life. Contemplators seek self-sufficiency and are non-demanding, analytic, thoughtful and unobtrusive.  They can also be withholding, detached and overly private.

Think: Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Mark Zukerberg, Stephen King, Clint Eastwood, Eckhart Tolle, Agatha Christie, Jane Goodall

 Contemplators are calm, cool, and collected. Their personality style focuses on analyzing, mulling over, and thinking it through. They need their privacy and space to withdraw to figure things out.  Fives prefer a simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle and often are environmentally conscious.

Socially Contemplators generally are quiet, self-contained and can feel unapproachable. In social situations they will find themselves on the outside of groups observing and gathering information to process later about people and situations and to form opinions. Fives let others approach them rather than initiating introductions and conversations. They are introverts who often feel drained in social situations and need to leave to recharge their batteries.

Professionally they are analytical, insightful, objective, systematic and planners. They are calm in a crisis, persistent and because they love knowledge and facts are experts in their fields. They focus on developing their organization through factual research and making all systems work well together. 

When Contemplators are less healthy they tend to retreat into their minds and withdraw from personal interactions and social situations. They can experience a very rich inner life of thoughts and memories. Independence and attachment to thoughts can turn into arrogance and eccentricity.

Healthy Contemplators focus on knowledge and wisdom, needs privacy and solitude to clearly think about life, their thoughts are important to them, can get by with less than most people, logical and emotionless when making judgments and decisions, an observer of life, sometimes feels invisible, shares information, likes to plan things before they happen, replays events in their minds and then attaches feelings, needs lots of information before acting.

There is more to the dynamics that make up your personality: how much growth you have had, wings (personalities on either side of your home type), your stress patterns.

Understanding all of these will give you a deep understanding of yourself…but most importantly how to grow and Get Loved The Way You Need.