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I will teach you to Live Your Best Life!

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Eileen is a Transformational Coach, speaker and author who is passionate about helping people with their relationship and life struggles to  Live Their Best Life!

As a Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach she uses her experience,  knowledge, and intuition.

Eileen has expertise in many healing modalities, some of which are: Enneagram Personality Teacher, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Hoʻoponopono practitioner, BodyTalk, Energetic Healing, etc.

Eileen has studied under Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul) Self Esteem Facilitation,  Enneagram training with Dr David Daniels, Director of Psychiatry at Stanford University, Law of Attraction, Vibrational Energy and many, many courses and is continually studying.

Eileen is a best selling author and co-author in a number of books. Learn More About Eileen

Hello and Welcome,

Thanks for dropping by my website. If you are looking for answers to the Life You Desire...you have come to the right place! Life is a Journey and what most people don’t realize is that it is yours to create.

I do that by helping you to raise your energetic vibration and allowing you to manifest a more positive life by releasing blocks, healing limiting beliefs, relationship challenges and wounds,  and patterns that are sabotaging you.

I teach you to reframe thoughts and beliefs, to open your perspective to new opportunities by shifting your mindset, and raising your vibrational energy to manifest more happiness in your life. Learn Live Your Best Life Coaching

Understanding yourself with very specific scientific information through your personality…how you think, feel, act, react, what you need from a partner, what they need from you…your needs emotionally to feel loved and appreciated, what natural talents you have for life and a rewarding career…. will create confidence and raise your self esteem…and SHIFT all your situations.

When you understand what YOU need to feel loved…you will then be able to communicate your needs…and when you understand what your partner also needs to feel loved, you will then be able to respond in a loving way.

Whever you are in your life: reeling from a divorce, looking for a deeper connection in a relationship, attracting a partner or desiring a more conscious life…you have come to the right place.

I assist you to Open Your Heart which many of us have shut down from past experiences, to release and heal old patterns  so that you can Experience More Love.

To Change The Patterns Of Your Life…you need a mentor who will walk beside you, bring insights, and help you Shift old patterns that sabotage you.

To Change Your Life…Whether you are single or in a relationshipYOU…must be willing to be open to explore all the parts of yourself and how to Become Your Best Self.  

Figure out Yourself….Figure out your relationships…and you will Figure out your life…to create Lasting Love and Live The Life You Desire


If you are ready to:

  • Release all the old “stuff” that is holding you back from getting the life you are meant to have
  • Repair a frazzled relationship and rediscover the intimacy and connection you thought was long lost
  • Attract into your life someone who you can form a meaningful and long-term relationship with
  • Tell your partner exactly what you need to have in order to feel understood…and have them reciprocate
  • Discover and embrace what truly makes you valuable and worthy of love
  • Form deeper relationships with your parents, children, co-workers, boss, or anyone else
Contact Eileen to create the Life You Desire To Live!  E: eileen@eileenhead.com



I met Eileen recently, for the first time & felt instantly connected! I think it was likely the fact that her genuine, heart-centred, and very down-to-earth approach to life, and the people she interacts with can be FELT palpably.

I later attended the Live Your Best Life  workshop of hers that brought the manifestation concepts to life for me, in a way that had only been ‘stuck’ in that concept stage, up until that moment!

Eileen has a very practical way of transforming the WooWoo into WOO -Hoo, that I very much appreciate! And now that she’s introduced me to her world of the Enneagram, I’m hooked in a way like I’ve never been before, and truly believe in myself, and more importantly … in what’s possible!

Thank you Eileen – you are a conduit of REAL-world magic, and my life is enriched beyond measure, for having met you.

~Tracey Bruce-Thomson

The Enneagram is for any individual who would like to live life with more consciousness, connection and personal power.

Unsolicited TESTIMONIAL for the Enneagram Relationship Program.

Do you want the marriage/relationship, that you had glimpses of, but can’t sustain?

If you and your mate have a mutual heart felt desire/commitment to achieve a relationship that is within your grasp, this fast evolving program is for you. 

Immediately you will inventory your personality bank. From there, with therapeutic coaching (Eileen Head), you and your mate will discover why you are relating the way you are. Each step is not always comfortable. You can’t have the  rainbow without the rain.

As you round second base you will have an advent of being the partner you want to be, and likewise for your mate. The recipe for lifelong change gained from each probative step provides a roadmap for happiness that is a dream come true. Sound impossible? It’s not.

 This is an intensive program if you immerse yourselves for as little as 10 days and you can have the long-sought relationship you always dreamed of.

It worked for us along with a constant dose of prayer. Each of us discovered characteristics about ourselves; but the undeniable gain is to eliminate the old, negative mannerisms, and then convey them as the new norm of communication.

Remember, all spouses have gifts. Some just open those gifts a little later.

Van & Jo Eve Ellig

Eileen is a skilled and intuitive mentor who shares her abundant wisdom to enrich others’ lives. She is warm and welcoming and can deliver even difficult truths with grace.

She helped me learn how to navigate my relationships peacefully while acknowledging my own needs. She helped me transform my life by guiding me to change my thinking from being a victim to being in control of my life.

Whatever topic I brought to Eileen, she met me with empathy and wisdom and helped me to implement effective changes so I could live in my power and my peace.

Again, thanks many times over for your input into my life.

Much love,


I met Eileen through a relative of mine while I was on vacation, and instantly liked her and could feel her positive energy.  When I learned more about her coaching skills, I opened up to her about the struggles I’ve had in dealing with claustrophobia.

Even though Eileen was also on vacation, she found time to meet with me for a couple of sessions.

Eileen introduced me to the Enneagram which is a personality ‘test’ that helped me better understand my personality type and how my childhood experiences have influenced me throughout my adult life; as well as having a better understanding of how to deal and speak with people whose personality types are different from mine.

During our second session, Eileen prepared some ‘exercises’ which helped me explore possible triggers surrounding my anxiety around flying and feeling claustrophobic.  She also provided me with some very positive self-talk tools that could reduce anxiety if triggered.

Eileen was very easy to speak with and I felt that she genuinely wanted to help me.  I believe she has strong intuition and is passionate about her work and wanting to help others.

I have used some of the ‘tools’ she suggested throughout our sessions and these have already provided support for me.

 Eileen, it was so nice to have met you and truly appreciate the coaching and guidance you provided me with.

Linda Fittler

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