Eileen Head

Transformational Coach


I’m the Relationship Whisperer, Eileen Head.

Women and men, couples and singles, hire me to Find or Reconnect to deeply intimate, meaningful relationships because…at times they feel trapped, unloved, and powerless to change their situation.

Eileen has studied many healing modalities some of which are a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapy, BodyTalk, etc. She has studied under Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul) Self Esteem Facilitation, and taken many, many different courses and continually studying.

She helps clients move through trauma, and to release blocks and old beliefs.

Her philosophy is that is heal your heart, heal your spirit, heal your soul.

Figure out yourself and you will….figure out your relationships…and figure out your life to create Lasting Love and live The Life You Desire.


I do that by helping you to understand what YOU need to feel loved…then how to respond to what your partner needs to feel loved… and how to get your relationship answers through Personality Pattern Coaching and the scientific data of the Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personality Model.

Eileen believes, THE BOTTOM LINE IS: Until YOU understand your own personality…how you feel loved and how to be a loving partner…you will continue to struggle instead of living a happier, richer life!

TO CHANGE THE PATTERNS OF YOUR LIFE…you need a mentor who will walk beside you, bring insights, and help you shift old patterns that sabotage you.

TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE…Whether you are single or in a relationship…YOU…must be willing to be open to explore all the parts of yourself…What Makes You Tick and What Makes Others Tick.

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Kirstey Jane

If you are in any way pondering things that you may have been struggling with in your life, in terms of  career, communication in relationships, families or  business partnerships, or are avoiding relationships  because you find it hard to trust others or  your own judgement, then I strongly recommend you book a session with Eileen C Head

She is one of the most down to earth, honest and humorous people you will ever meet. Using the Enneagram method she can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your personality makeup and really understand where negative patterns are occurring and how to set you on the right track to function as easily as you were meant to. You will also learn to recognize traits in others who will compliment and strengthen you and when to avoid those who are detrimental to your well being. 

Self awareness is the biggest tool you can acquire to turn your life around -Kirstey Jane


When I watched the first three videos of the Get Loved Online Relationship Program I cried because I had never been told what is great about me!

I sat my husband down and said, “You need to watch this program with me. This is me! I need you to understand all of me!” It helps my husband understand my personality and know why I do the things I do. I would totally recommend this program to anyone to look within and understand themselves and what they need in their relationship from their partner. ~Melissa